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January 2019

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BA(Hons) Photography

Bournemouth University, UK

HND Photography

Wiltshire College, UK

BA Graphic designer

Seminarium for

håndværk og design, DK

Sign painter, DK


Visual communicator

Vejle Library, DK

Visual editor

Design School Kolding, DK


When I was a little girl, my favorite thing was to create conceptual things. I didn't know that was what I was doing, I just loved drawing and taking pictures, coming up with ideas and decorating my room.

Years later I got to learn about sign painting, about colours and fonts. And when I got my diploma in sign painting, I wanted to learn more about how to create a logo and be the one designing what I had worked with as a sign painter. So I studied graphic design (a BA), and I fell in love with colours all over again and paper too. 

After I had worked as a graphic designer, I wanted to explore my passion for photography. I moved to England and studied Photography (this time a BA(hons). I arrived as a designer and left as a visual communicator, went back to Denmark where I started my journey working with all my skills gained over the years.

Today I am mainly concentrating on creating visual identities, web designs, business portraits and product photography and thus working with all my skills gained over the years. 

Originally I am from the town of Silkeborg, the Danish Lake District, but I have lived, studied and worked in Randers (DK), Aalborg (DK), Salisbury (UK), Odense (DK), Fredericia (DK) and Brejning (DK).

In April 2020 I returned to the area of Silkeborg and today with my husband and our son.