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A Christmas workshop

This workshop I have been preparing for in a while now. Finding foliage from the woodlands, making the script for the day and a programme as well as selecting props and flowers. All things I love to do.

I enjoy these days where the house and my home studio is filled with creative and wonderful likeminded people. The main reason why we gather is to style and photograph flowers and food, but at the end of a workshop day, we all feel like we have met new friends.

We started out the day with a welcome and presentation. Then we styled a cake and hanging fern installation, the second set up was of the beautiful amaryllis. During lunch we talked about Instagram and got to know each other a bit better. The third scene was of hot chocolate, and more amaryllis images using lovely Desiree from Sweden as a model.

Thank you all for coming all the way to my little village. I am grateful and honored.

Thank you Carlshøj Curiosa for letting us use your lovely stuffed animals and candlelight holders + other fantastic props.

Diana x

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