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At home with Diana / a workshop

Today I am so happy! Happy that the workshop yesterday went so well, and everything that I had planned and prepared for turned out great.

Flowers by Wild Flowers // Styling and photo Diana Lovring

Lene from Wild Flowers started out by arranging a big bouquet from her cut flower garden. The star was the dahlia, and it shined bright in Lene's bouquet. The first scene we photographed was of Lene with the black background and a lovely old kitchen table. The finished bouquet I then styled in the same scene,

and we talked about how to make your own home studio, the natural light and making the lines in the image straight.

The second scene was with a grey lime painted background and another old kitchen table. This time I created a hanging flower installation of baby wreath, and the table was styled with tone in tone coloured fruits. This scene was about the flowers of course and how to make it. But it was also about colours and how to use them in pictures.

Flowers, styling and photo Diana Lovring

Styling and photo Diana Lovring

The participants then set up the lunch table, one that we would be able to photograph as well. The result was beautiful and very photogenic indeed. Our lunch was tapas, bread and fruit.

Styled by participants

Third scene was of the rhubarb cake I had baked for the day. Our setting was the kitchen, and we took turns holding the cake. Lene had arranged gorgeous flowers to be in the back. The last image was from above and of the cake standing on an old kitchen table. After having photographed the cake we enjoyed

a piece of it with sour cream!

Styling and photo Diana Lovring

Because Lene knew so much about gardening we took a stroll in our garden, and Lene told us so much about the plants. That was a real treat. Thank you so much everybody who joined me yesterday. Thank you Lene for show us your magic. I am so grateful and happy that you all came. Diana x

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