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Golden leaves, the last dahlias of the season, wilted ferns and the most wonderful people.

Yesterday I hosted a photo and styling workshop at Fine Fund in Silkeborg. In the barn the fire was lit, and as the day progressed we were warm and cosy inside, while the rain was pouring down. We did manage to shoot some images outside in between the rain. First in the garden and then underneath a tree of the fallen leaves.

Inside I created two scenes for the participants. The first with and of Helle (Fine Fund), showing her creating one of her gorgeous bouquets. The second scene was of lovely vases lined up in the warm light from the candle.

Before lunch Helle did a bouquet workshop, and the participants made the most wonderful bouquets. All different and unique.

The lunch table was set by Florentina Living and styled by me (just love that part of the day too).

We ended the day with the participants photographing their bouquets.

Thank you to Fine Fund, Florentina Living, Ida Maria, Camilla and Margit! It was pure joy and a great pleasure and privilege to spend the day with you all.

Diana x

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