• Diana Lovring

Flowers on my mind / One day workshop

The one day floral workshop in May in my little village is going to be so lovely, with flowers every where and Kalk by Trampedach is sponsoring the backgrounds, as well as we are using the rustic space of the event.

The day will be all about flowers and how you can capture the beauty of them. We will talk about finding the light, backgrounds, storytelling, colours and composition, all while I show you how I style and photograph my images. You will get the chance to arrange flowers and style your own images, and I will give you individual guidance. We will talk about Instagram and the editing tools, and I will show you how to set up your own little natural light studio at home.

This workshop is for florists and flower lovers who want to improve their Instagram and blog images. Bring your Smart Phone or your DSLR camera and tripod if you have one.

  • Finding the natural light

  • Visual story telling and how to style it

  • The important background

  • Inspiration to find your style

  • Instagram and editing tools

  • How to create your own studio

  • Individual guidance

  • Meeting likeminded people

  • Limited number of participants (max 8 people)

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Diana x