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Instagram take over

Today I had the pleasure and great honour to take over the Fiori Magazine Instagram account. I started out the day with cycling to the forest and the fjord to collect foliage for the floral shoot later in the studio. A swing by the local florist and then picking roses and lavender from our own garden. My first dahlia bloomed just today, and I just had to capture it alongside all the other flowers. In my home studio I used the setting by the window, where I have placed black fabric and the loveliest vintage table. Because flowers loves the dark you know! All day long I showed the followers on Fiori Magazine, and we told about our future plans of hosting a styling and photo workshop together in March 2019. Really looking forward to two days of doing what I love the most - together with floral experts and in a fabulous venue. More info soon. Here are the images from my take over day!

Diana x

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