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Mist on the moor

The season is changing ever so beautiful at the moment, with mornings covered in the mist.

I ventured to my new favourite spot in my neighbourhood; the moors of Vrads. And this morning I took with me the picnic basket, a blanket, cushions, an apple pie and lovely dahlias.

During the styling and photographing I could hear the cows calling in the far distance. Since I was inside the gates in cow-area, I was slightly worried that they would come join the picnic. But they didn't, and after the shoot, I packed the car. Then all of a sudden two cows came running up to me... on the other side of the road and behind a fence:)

I walked safely up to them, and photographed them so beautifully standing there in the sunlight on the misty moor. I took a number of images of them, and thanked them for their time. Then they ran away again down the hill.

Diana x


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