• Diana Lovring

Motion mini picture (47 seconds)

Some time ago I was at the hairdresser, and we talked about life and photography, as you do.

And we got to talk about the beauty of representing your company, not only through still images, but also through films. The hairdresser asked if I knew anybody who make those kinds of films, and I said; "Well I could give it a go - I have been thinking of learning for some time now!" Long story short, the hairdresser said yes, and I am currently practicing my filming and editing skills.

And "ta dah", I am presenting my first practice video here. Feeling slightly naked, but I feel proud and with lots more practice, I know I will be better and better... I enjoyed the process and it makes sense to me, to expand my company with creating films too (the 47 seconds or so kind of films that is).

If you are wondering: "Diana, what are your services exactly, you do so many things?" The answer to that is in two words: VISUAL COMMUNICATION. In a few more words I create:

Still life photography (flowers, food and interior)

People and portraits for business owners

Styling and photo workshop (because I love to teach and interact with people)

Visual identity and branding (graphic design online as well as on paper)

And soon PR film for business people

If you have a little film project let me know. I am practicing and so at the moment you will get a great deal.

Oh, and I made the film below yesterday when shooting a food scene early in the morning, in our forest just a stone throw away from our home. The sound of birds in Spring and Summer is so wonderful.

Diana x