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NEW workshops

Copyright Diana Lovring // Kalk by Trampedach lime paint

Ok I know it is still Summer and the Holiday is just around the corner, but I have created two new workshops, and one is a Christmas workshop.

In May I met the loveliest Lise Trampedach from Kalk by Trampedach. Lise makes organic lime paint and photo backgrounds. Her products was such a success at the May workshop here in my little village, and so I was thrilled that Lise invited me to do a workshop in her home in Græsted, Denmark. Lise lives in the old cinema and has the most wonderful decor. If you want to read more and sign up for a day filled with gorgeous backgrounds and flowers (and interior) follow this link: IN THE OLD CINEMA

So there are still a few days to Christmas (round about 171 in Denmark), but I have dreamed of doing a Christmas workshop for a while, and now you have the chance to join me in creating moody and "hyggelige" Christmas images in my home in Denmark, Jylland. We will create pictures using the winter foliage and set the table with lovely Christmas food and drinks. There are only a few spots on these days in my home and you can read more here: A CHRISTMAS WORKSHOP

I can't wait to see you on one of both of these workshops, but until then, I wish you a lovely Summer!

Diana x

Copyright Diana Lovring

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