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Shortly my family and I are moving to a small town just a bit outside Silkeborg, the Danish outdoor capital.

We can't wait to have more nature close by, and start a fresh in a new place. I have always loved starting a fresh, and must admit that this is the 24th time that I will move. This time is special though, because I am born and raised in Silkeborg, and my parents and most of my siblings still live in the city.

With a new start I felt a need to start from scratch with my business. Not using my name for client work (graphic, web and PR images), because my name has become very much about flowers and has got a more poetic and moody feel.


The website will still be online, now showing nature and flowers only, and it will also be the place to read and submit workshops and retreats within those subjects, embracing the romantic nature loving side of me - and those of other likeminded people:)

I will continue writing blog posts and sending out newsletters telling you about new workshops, editorial work and new travel and nature images. As well as write my photo tips from a pro. The Instagram account @diana_lovring will also run as usual, so please follow along; no changes there either.


The new name is ... well I will not tell you just yet, but a couple of days ago I found it after a lot of brainstorming, writing down many words of what I do, my values, my niche etc. (Thank you to all you folks helping me in the process).

The logo is being created, a new website is under construction and the launching is in the making too (something with a great offer if you book me in April to shoot your business portraits, but more about that later, just have it in mind, if you can join me in Silkeborg and need new business portraits).


Well I have been working on an editorial essay for a German magazine, and the theme just happened to match my upcoming move. I can't wait to show you the final result in a few months time, because the images turned out just great (if I may say so myself:).

Some weeks ago I started out a new client project, and next week we start shooting and designing. This creative world is full of "can't wait to show you what I have been / am working on", but it applies with this project too; soon I can show and tell you more.

So many exciting things are happening, and I hope that your days too are full of happy and wonderful assignments and doings. Please let me know, I would love to hear about your projects!

Diana x

The images are from a family holiday in Denmark, Mols Bjerge

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