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Tea on the moor

The heather is in bloom.

It is the August 10 2020 at 5.15 in the morning, and I have driven to the moor about 15 minutes away.

The car is packed with tea, flowers, mugs, a teapot, table and chairs, ready to set up next to the heather.

Yesterday I drove by to see if the heather was in fact blooming, and it was! So the long waiting shoot I have had on my to do list, could take place. And luckily the weather was greet too.

The air was filled with an unfamiliar but wonderful warmth (all of June it has been cold and wet), as well as intrusive mosquitos (typical right:).

The tea was a lovely lemony flavoured one, but I had to enjoy it standing up and in a bit of a hurry, since there were too many biting guests at the table.

Diana x

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